But, I’m not a Republican

Why are some countries rich and others poor? Specifically, why is the United States rich and Tajikistan poor? The answer is simply. The United States isn’t rich because we have a democratic political system or because we have a capitalist economic system. And we’re not any more intelligent or harder working than any other people in the world. It’s certainly not because we’re a Christian country. We’re more likely to kill someone we don’t like than any other people in the world. We definitely have more of our people in prison than any other country.

The United States is rich because we’re incredibly rich in natural resources available to us in a hospitable climate.


The United States was lucky enough to have had small pox introduced into the New World, decimating an otherwise healthy, happy native population and clearing the way for our unopposed expansion.

We were lucky enough to import slaves to do the heavy lifting of building our nation.

After slavery was abolished, we were lucky enough to import cheap labor by the millions.

And yes, the United States was lucky enough to be controlled by oligarchs for most of our history. In fact, some say it still is an oligarchy. We’re not a democracy, we have a representative form of government largely controlled by money and propaganda.


Capitalism is man’s natural way to insure survival. Native Americans traded shells, copper, and exotic stone to become powerful capitalists within their own culture. People trading commodities along the Silk Roads of Asia were capitalists. All those men and women selling their wares in the medieval markets towns of Europe were capitalists. The world of men and women has always been capitalist. It’s probably the real definition of civilization. Contrary to popular belief, America didn’t invent any of the forms of capitalism. We do well with capitalism simply because of the natural wealth of America.


So, Tajikistan is poor because it has few natural resources and a climate of extremes. The people understand capitalism better than we do and are intelligent and hardworking. What can they do to improve their living conditions, their fortunes and their continued survival? I don’t know.


Has anyone noticed the Islamic State is trying to fight its way out of the deserts of Syria and Iraq? They didn’t start fighting to keep what they have which is largely sand. They say it’s about religion.


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