3. Northern Tajikistan

Dice and Cards Turned Cropped

You rolled the dice and ended up playing third. In the board game of Settlers of Catan, third can be an advantage because you’re not likely to have both your House placements blocked by opponents. Aghhhh. You have been blocked, not completely but it looks bad. You have only a few routes to build roads and they all have risks. You can rule out ever getting The Longest Road. “Go for the Community Development Cards (they’re like gambling),” you tell yourself.

You’d like to go for the Ore and Wheat resources in that direction but… Okay, cross your fingers and pray you get the cards you need to build roads, fast.


Excerpt from Lenin’s Arm

He addresses Ryan at the table, “A father and his son, our neighbors,” he gestures to the north, “have died. They were caught in an avalanche on the National Highway. Their bodies were recovered today.” He continues to stand there, fiddling with his cell phone.

   Nozim silently gets up and leaves the warmth of the table to check on his rabbits in their hutch and boxes. Nadeem walks over and sits at the table with Ryan. He says, “The road through the mountains to Dushanbe is now closed. Our neighbors risked one last trip to sell their products in the capital.”


Dice and Cards Turned Cropped


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